Oral Surgery

The London Day Surgery Centre specialises in oral surgery and our dedicated, expert team offer a wide range of surgical procedures including; Apicectomies, Implant Treatments, Specialist Endodontics, Wisdom Teeth Removal, Orthodontic Extractions and Exposures and Surgical Extractions...
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Endodontic therapy usually involves more than one appointment. At your first appointment, local anaesthetic is given to numb the area, and an access cavity is created in order to reach the infected pulp chamber. The pulp chamber and infected root canals are cleansed and reshaped...
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Dental implants can give you new teeth that look and function just like the natural original. With implants you can eat anything you want and smile with complete confidence. They also help preserve your facial contours by preventing bone shrinkage, which occurs when teeth are missing...
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Periodontitis or gingivitis is an infection of the tissues in your mouth: the gums and bone that support the teeth. If untreated, periodontitis causes progressive bone loss around teeth, loosening your teeth and in extreme cases your teeth may even fall out...
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