What is Sedation?

 At the London Dental Surgery Centre, we appreciate people are often nervous about dental treatment, which is why we want all our patients to be as comfortable as possible. Patients who opt for sedation are conscious throughout the procedure, but they are in a very relaxed state and will have little-to-no recollection of the procedure, but will still be able to respond to simple instructions.


What can I expect when I choose to have sedation with my treatment?

 We are now able to provide conscious sedation with most dental treatments and if you are a nervous patient, feel free to discuss sedation with your dentist. You will have an initial sedation consultation, and if suitable, your treatment and sedation will be arranged simultaneously. During the consultation, you will be provided with instructions to follow on the day of your treatment. You will also require a capable escort to help you on your way home afterwards.


Our Sedation Providers

 Dr Radhika Chopra is our sedation provider for treatments other than oral surgery, as well as one of our Oral Surgeons herself. Dr Chopra also works at Guy’s Hospital, London, and has a vast experience of treating nervous patients.

 For our patients who are having oral surgery/extractions but require conscious sedation, your oral surgeon will usually conduct this with the treatment themselves. If you would like to have sedation as part of your treatment, please ask your dentist during the consultation.